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This Is Your Money on Hormones

What makes Wall Street traders go crazy? Why, raging hormones, of course (and, yes, we're talking male traders here, which most are):

New Gene Baby

Harvard genetics professor George Church on reading and writing our own DNA (video):

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

Physicist Brian Cox on Cern's finding of a subatomic particle that might have traveled faster than light (video):

Look! Skywalker!

What? An X-Wing Fighter on the USS Long Island? An AT-ST at the landing at Normandy? A Battle Droid fought alongside Pancho Villa? Apparently so!:

Things to Do ~ Sept. 24

A list of the California museums participating in Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day, Sept. 24 (free admission):
N.B., You'll need a special ticket, which you can download from that page (it's on the right side). One ticket per household, and each is good for two free admissions.

Danger: Hospital Ahead